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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Krebsekalas

Half a kilo of crayfish per nose
EVS. a few sugar cubes
EVS. ground paprika
1bundleDill crowns
1bundleGreen dill
4-5tbspCoarse salt

Instructions for Krebsekalas

To prepare the Krebsekalas recipe, please follow these instructions:

The layer must be boiled and boil strongly when you release the crab into the pot. They must be alive and washed well in several teams of water. Put them in front of the head, and they die immediately. If the crusts are of different size, put them in the pot first and the small ones a few min. After. Once the water has boiled again, the crusts should boil 8-9 min.

Do not boil more than 10-15 pieces at a time, pick them up with a hollow and put them in a large jar of stew or a deep dish. The water should then be boiled again before the next team of crust is placed in the pot. Put some fresh dill crowns between the cooked crusts, say the kawaii layer over them and let it stand and cool. They are arranged on large dishes decorated with fresh dill crowns.

Bring toast and butter or a marinade of oil, lemon, pepper and a little salt to. Cool white wine or beer and snaps are good for crayfish, but forget about the snaps for each claw. In astonishingly short space of time, the snaps will completely exaggerate the fine crayfish, and it's a shame. Remember rinsing dishes, for crayfish eaten with your fingers. You first pull the tail off, then remove the backbone and eat the fat layer, which is just below the shield. Then the meat squeezes and sucks the legs, opens the claws and eats the meat. Finally, the tail is eaten from which you first remove the intestine.