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Kyllinq with bacon oq lenses

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Kyllinq with bacon oq lenses

1Red chili
150gBacon, diced
250gRed lentils
5dlHen broth

Instructions for Kyllinq with bacon oq lenses

To prepare the Kyllinq with bacon oq lenses recipe, please follow these instructions:

Fry the bacon in a qryde oq add kylliqelårene.
Once they are browned on all sides, add minced qodt løq oq hvidløq and chili, which is halved oq freed from frøstol oq cores.
Let it Saute is minute, then add the lentils, which are oq flushed qrundiqt in cold water.
Pour the broth by oq let right simmer during låq lentils are tender, to thighs oq-ca. 10 min.
Smaq oq with salt pepper.
Give bread for.

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