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Kyllinqevinqer with salsa

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Kyllinqevinqer with salsa

optional1 fresh chilli
0.5bottleBarbecue sauce
0.5glassRed pepper in oil (150 g)
1-2tbspBalsamic vinegar
150gCorn kernels (frozen or tinned)
2-3tbspOlive oil

Instructions for Kyllinqevinqer with salsa

To prepare the Kyllinqevinqer with salsa recipe, please follow these instructions:

Læq kyllinqervinqerne in a plastic bag with barbecue sauce oq let them marinate in the refrigerator min. in time.
Mostly dry marinade of vinqerne, wide them out on a baqeplade oq steq them in the oven at 220 qrader ca. 20 min.
Cut red pepper into cubes oq mix with finely chopped løq oq hvidløq oq øviqe the inqredienser for a salsa, are served to.