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Lahb Gai '' Spicy Salad With Chicken ''

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 person(s)

Ingredients for Lahb Gai '' Spicy Salad With Chicken ''

Lettuce and fresh coriander (optional)
0.5dlFintsnittet mint leaves
1Fintsnittet scallion
1sprinkleChopped green bell pepper
1dlChicken stock
1Small red onion fintsnittet
1dlFried rice chopped
1sprinkleTørhakket chili at will
2tbspLemon or lime juice fresh
2tbspFish sauce
500gMinced chicken

Instructions for Lahb Gai '' Spicy Salad With Chicken ''

To prepare the Lahb Gai '' Spicy Salad With Chicken '' recipe, please follow these instructions:

1.Warm chicken stock in a saucepan g add chopped chicken.
2. Boil for a couple of minutes while stirring until the chicken is finished.
3. Pour the water and allow the chicken to cool.
4. Then add lime / lemon juice, spring onion, red onion mint leaves and fish sauce and stir the pieces together and taste with citrus or fish sauce if necessary.
5. Add red chilli to your liking
Add the chopped fried rice and add a little shredded salad and sprinkle with a little coriander on top.

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