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LEA ´ s Mumf-muffins

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 12 pcs

Ingredients for LEA ´ s Mumf-muffins

0.75dlLiquid becel
1tbspLemon juice
1dlCottage cheese
100gCoarse pieces of white chocolate (ca. 7 mm thick pieces)
190gBlackberries strewn with sugar
2tspBaking soda
2Handfuls of chunks of almonds (also to sprinkle)
2dlMini milk
250gWheat flour

Instructions for LEA ´ s Mumf-muffins

To prepare the LEA ´ s Mumf-muffins recipe, please follow these instructions:

flour, baking powder, chocolate pieces, sugar and cardamom be mixed.
Cottage cheese is stirred thoroughly with milk, becel and lemon juice and whipped then thoroughly in melblandingen (use hand mixer m. dough hooks).
Turn to final blackberries and almonds into dough, and favor this in 12-16 molds (for best results with lubricated teflon muffinsform)
Sprinkle well with almonds, and behind 15-20 min. 180 C in an hot air oven (200 C in alm. oven).
Server the Golden muffins with a little Greek yogurt/creme fraise decked out with fresh blackberries

Mumf-muffins are characterized by the large pieces of white chocolate, which is only partly melts during the baking process and therefore is as "treasures" in each muffin-Mumf!