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Leek pie

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Leek pie

a littleCold water
a littleOil
Grated nutmeg
a littleWater
100gTorn between the stored cheese
2Chopped onions
2-3Leeks, sliced
3dlSour cream
75gWheat flour

Instructions for Leek pie

To prepare the Leek pie recipe, please follow these instructions:

DEJ: Wheat flour, graham flour and salt are mixed.
The butter was crumbled in.
The dough is collected with a little cold water.
Set cold until the filling is complete.

FILM: Onion and leeks are swirled in a little oil without getting brown.
Add a little water and the vegetables steam well under the lid.
Cream fraiche, eggs and spices are whipped together and flavored.

COLLECTION: The dough rolls thinly and put in a greased pie.
The vegetables benefit on the bottom and the cream fraiche mixture is poured upstairs.
Cheese sprinkles over.
The pie is baked at 200 ° C (ordinary oven) for about ½ hour until it has a nice brown color.