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Lemon Risotto with White Cabbage (vegetarian)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2

Ingredients for Lemon Risotto with White Cabbage (vegetarian)

Lemon juice
0.25-0.5White cabbage
1glassWhite wine
3Organic lemons
300gRisotto rice (or, round grain milled)
60-100gParmesan (to taste)
9dlVegetable broth

Instructions for Lemon Risotto with White Cabbage (vegetarian)

To prepare the Lemon Risotto with White Cabbage (vegetarian) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Risotto: Start roasting the finely chopped onions, they must not color but just get transparent.
Now come in and get them calm and quiet. When the rice has become slightly transparent, add the wine and let it boil almost completely away. Then get the lemon lemon shale from the three lemons in.
Add broth a bit at a time, as you occasionally let broth boil almost away, so the rice resembles porridge closer to the soup. It is a good idea to have the broth boiling so that the rice cake is not cooled every time.
After approx. Twenty minutes it would be like to be al dente. This may, however, depend on how much heat you give it how fast. It may also be necessary to add a little more water.
When it's all dente, take it off the fluff and get the butter. Taste it with the juice from the lemons and parmesan. If necessary you can also add salt and pepper.

Whisk bowl: Grind or chop the white cabbage. Taste with the juice from lemons and thyme.
Be careful with lemon, as much lemon in both the cabbage and the risotto can be a little overwhelming.

The combination of the risotto and the cauliflower is delicious and the dish can optionally be served where you put the garlic dish on the plate and then the risotto upstairs.