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Lenes Apple pie

Cakes in form
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Lenes Apple pie

optionalLemon juice
100gPowdered sugar or sugar
125gDark brown sugar
150gMarzipan (optional)
2tbspWheat flour
5Large cooking apples (tart)

Instructions for Lenes Apple pie

To prepare the Lenes Apple pie recipe, please follow these instructions:

Pastry: mix together the icing sugar and flour. Break up the butter in the dough and gather with the egg. made cold 1/2-1 hour. You can peel the apples while. The peeled apples cut into quarters and carpels are removed. The quartered apples cut into suitable washers. Have you chosen a sweet Apple should the pieces onto with lemon juice.
Mørdejen is taken out and shared. One part slightly bigger than the other. The large rolled out and put in bottom of pie plate. Brown sugar and cinnamon Mix flour into a bowl for themselves. Put about half of apples in shape and sprinkle half the cinnamon mixture on top. Half of marcipanen rives out of tart. Continue to add the last of the apples on top. So cinnamon mixture and eventually tearing the last addition to the marzipan.
The last pastry rolled out and placed over the tart as a lid. That cut some holes in the lid so the steam can escape and, of course, like a little decorative. Bake in an hot air oven at about 175 degrees for 1 hour. Beware of too much heat as it must bake for so long. Eaten warm with creme fraishe whipped cream or touched ice cream

Plum. It should be noted that mørdejen will be less harsh (not less crispy) If using icing sugar