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Long-term stew And on gas grill

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Long-term stew And on gas grill

a littleCream
Bay leaves
Red currant jelly
Root vegetables
Rosmaring and thyme
2Fresh chili
2dlRed wine
3-4Onions/red onion

Instructions for Long-term stew And on gas grill

To prepare the Long-term stew And on gas grill recipe, please follow these instructions:

The day before: The spirit is cleaned well inside and out, make sure to remove blood residues etc. Cut off the gump unless you like it.
Remove the bag of indigo and save the contents to make sauce.
Marinade: 6-8 dl. Water (Milk) mix with 50 grams of salt, 2-3 tablespoons of honey and a squeezed orange.
Put another in a bag and pour marinade in.
Put it in the refrigerator and turn it a few times before you need it.

Fill to the other: chop 2-3 onion, apples, orange, nuts / almonds, 2-3 cloves of garlic and chili and salt with ampoule Pepper, as well as Rosmarin and Timian on a forehead and turn it into a little duckweed, which is found on the other. Leave it small for approx. 5 minutes.
Save the apples to the sauce.

And fried on the gas grill: Take off the bag and blame the marinade.
Rub well with salt and freshly ground pepper both inside and out. Fill the filling in another and sew the other together.
Slice the spoon through the other and onto the grill with it. Put a foil tray with water underneath another, so all the good drips in. Put your heart, throat, etc. in the foil tray.
The second was cooked for 5-6 hours at approx. 130-140 gr.
A couple of hours before the second is finished, starts on the sauce.

Sleep to other: Take the foil tray with entrails, etc. and let it cool off. Possibly in the fridge if it is going to go well.
Take the heart, etc., into a pot of water, together with root vegetables, the remaining chopped onion and garlic, celery, bay leaves, apple peel, leeks and red wine well with salt and pepper.
Cook it all for 1 hour, then pour the good liquid from the foil tray. The liquid in the foil tray should now be so cold that most of the edible can be scrapped off if you do not want it in the sauce.
Let it simmer for half an hour longer and pour all of the contents through a slice and squeeze it through so that all the good taste comes with.
The sauce is spiced with ribs, salt and pepper and even a little cream if you have it.

The other must rest a quarter of time before cutting it out.
When it's rested, open it and take it out and put it in a bowl to serve as an accessory.

Accessories for the second: Here are the usual white asparagus potatoes, brown potatoes, red cabbage, waldorfsalat, slightly sour, ribs, French potatoes and of course the sauce and the filling from the other. Bon appetite!

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