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Lorne Sausage

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Lorne Sausage

1tspThe 3. Spice
1tspOnion powder
1.5tspFreshly ground black pepper
1000gMinced veal/pork 18%

Instructions for Lorne Sausage

To prepare the Lorne Sausage recipe, please follow these instructions:

Mix all the ingredients very thoroughly by hand and filled in a silicone baking pan with straight sides (or a regular baking tin lined with Vita Wrap). Covered with Vita Wrap and freeze for about an hour, until meat is stiff, but not rock hard.

Forcemeat is taken out of the mold and cut into slices à 1 cm with a hot knife. The discs be placed in freezer bags, possibly. separated by a paper doily, and frozen again.

The slices can be thawed later individually and FRY in oil in a frying pan. Serve with bread and HP sauce.

The meat must not be for a great value, since otherwise the sausage becomes too dry. I use minced veal and pork at a ratio of 40%/60%, but other mixing ratio can also be used.

The slices should preferably be as square as possible-Lorne Sausage is also known under the name Square Sausage. A rye bread shape is ideal.

Lorne Sausage may be eaten at all times of the day, URf.eks. as mellemmad or to a big Scottish breakfast with fried eggs, bacon and black pudding.