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Louisiana Chilisovs

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Louisiana Chilisovs

10-20Chili fruit
2.5dlRiseddike, or white wine vinegar

Instructions for Louisiana Chilisovs

To prepare the Louisiana Chilisovs recipe, please follow these instructions:

Free the chilies for the stem, and possibly. Also the seeds, and chop them nicely. Put them in a clean, scalded glass. Give the vinegar a boil, add salt and pour it over the chilli. Let the sauce pull for at least a couple of days, preferably several weeks. Put the fruit meat off, or purify it with vinegar. Pour the sauce on a cleaned bottle.

If you want to recycle "Tabasco" or similar bottles, you can use a large needle from the pharmacy to spray the sieve into the bottle. A simple chilisovs for table use, which really is just a strong spice vinegar. Experiment with other flavor settings such as Garlic, carrots, sugar, lemon juice and orange marmalade. All types of chili fruit can be used as long as they are fresh.