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Lovely easy Shrove buns

Desserts (patisserie)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 10 pcs

Ingredients for Lovely easy Shrove buns

1tspCardamom, ground
1tspVanilla sugar
1.25dlWhole milk
100gIcing sugar
2.5tbspCorn flour cornstarch
350gWheat flour

Instructions for Lovely easy Shrove buns

To prepare the Lovely easy Shrove buns recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cream: whip the eggs, sugar and vanilla together. Boil the milk and egg mixture slowly came together with corn flour. Whip all the time. Set the mass on the stove and cook it up in 1 minute. Whip all the time. Came the mass in a cold tub and stick on.
the cream is cooled

Dough: Flour, cardamom and sugar mixed and butter friable in Yeast stirred into lukewarm. milk and the egg is added. Gærblandingen melblandingen and the batter is poured into the cast on well together. Let the draw in 1/2 hour

Shape buns of dough and let them after raising 10-15 minutes. In the center of each bun make a recess and a tablespoon. cream. Buns are assembled, turns around, and brushed with egg.
Then bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees c. alm. oven.

Bollernes cooled then and decorating with glassur.

This way to bake dough balls on is extra smart, because you won't have the hassle of rolling the dough out and cut it into squares.