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Mango Glow Habanero Chilisovs

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Mango Glow Habanero Chilisovs

0.5tspSalt (or at will)
0.5tbspGround cumin
1tspFreshly ground black pepper
1tbspCurry powder (like mattress type)
1tbspPaprika or other mild chili powder
2tspCorn starch (URf.eks. corn flour)
2Ripe mango
2tbspMustard powder (URf.eks. colmann's)
3-15Habanero chilies (depending on desired strength in gravy)
4tbspBrown sugar
4tbspWhite wine-or riseddike

Instructions for Mango Glow Habanero Chilisovs

To prepare the Mango Glow Habanero Chilisovs recipe, please follow these instructions:

Free the chili peas for seeds, seeds and stems. Chop them very nicely. Cut the meatloaf from the mangoes and chop it well (or plan to use a blender). Squeeze the juice of the glue and the orange. Boil vinegar and water with brown dough, curry powder, cumin, peppers, salt, black pepper and mustard powder. Put the chopped chilli and mango fruit in the sauce and give it a boil. Taste with orange juice and lime. Purer sauce if necessary. Make a leveling with corn starch and give the sauce a boil to smooth it. Pour the sauce onto clean glass and allow it to pull at least one day before use. Holds about 1 year in refrigerator. A delicious orange sauce, which gives even the most hardened chili fans the heat from the inside. A good way to take advantage of a sparse benefit of chili cultivation in the window sill. Can also be made with chili other than habaneros, but the taste is different. Served for itself to eg. Steamed fish, curry dishes and grilled or mixed in stews, soups or even ketchup.

Use latex gloves if you make the sauce on real habanero pebre, and take great care not to get chili juice on the skin! Wash all tools thoroughly afterwards.