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Marengsroulade m / figner

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Marengsroulade m / figner

2,5dlWhipped cream
350gIcing sugar
4Egg whites
4Mixed fresh figs
50gChopped hazelnuts

Instructions for Marengsroulade m / figner

To prepare the Marengsroulade m / figner recipe, please follow these instructions:

Pour 250 g of flour with 4 whites into meringue and sprinkle hazelnuts. Lubricate on a piece of greased baking paper and baking for approx. 10 min. At 180 degrees.

The house block is softened and then melted. Whole eggs are whipped together with 100 g of sugar for an egg shake, and the melted husblas is added and then the whipped cream and the purified figs are reversed. It is lubricated on the marlin and rolled into a roulade.

Put in a refrigerator for two hours and cut into suitable pieces. Server possibly. Fruit pure for, for example, peaches from canned.

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