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Marinated beef roast fried as wildly

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Marinated beef roast fried as wildly

EVS. suit
Corn flour to jævning if you want a thicker sauce
Væden from beef roast
1Lemon or lime into slices
1Whole fresh red chili pepper
1dlOlive oil
1000gBeef roast fx. Chuck or shoulder
2Onions – in coarse pieces
2tbspOil or butter for frying
2dlWhipped cream
2tbspRed currant jelly
2-4dlRed wine
3Bay leaves
3tbspWine vinegar
30gDanablue cheese
4The entire Juniper
6Whole peppercorns

Instructions for Marinated beef roast fried as wildly

To prepare the Marinated beef roast fried as wildly recipe, please follow these instructions:

The marinade mix and pour over meat (marinade should cover meat) covered for and made in a refrigerator in 1-2 24 hours a day.

The meat is taken up by the bed sheet and blot dry. The marinade is filtered. The oil/butter, warmed in a pan and Brown the meat on all sides. The marinade is poured on and brought to the boil. The meat småsimrer in 1 – 1 ½ hour to the meat is tender.

The potatoes peeled off and boil/bake. The meat is taken up and covered for (Migration 10-15 minutes). The beans are cooked "al dente" – that must still be "bite" into them Juices bringers to boil and whipping cream, cheese and jelly in and season with salt and pepper. The sauce may want. be smoothed over. The meat is cut into slices and the Court is ready for serving.