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Marinated chicken with spicy rice

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Marinated chicken with spicy rice

EVS. a little, 1 tskf. paprika
EVS. a little, only
Cut parsley
A little groftmalet pepper
0.25tspCayenne pepper
1dlWhite wine
1Red bell pepper
2.5dlLong rice
200gFresh mushrooms
6tbspChili sauce

Instructions for Marinated chicken with spicy rice

To prepare the Marinated chicken with spicy rice recipe, please follow these instructions:

Everything is mixed in the marinade.
The chicken is divided into 4 pieces and draws in the marinade for couple of hours in a cold place.

Now chop the onions and mix with the rice and both light dishes in butter in a saucepan until it is slightly light brown. Then add broth and this little spider under the lid for approx. 25 min.

The sponges are cleansed, sliced ​​and sliced ​​in butter on a pan for a few minutes and then with the purified peppers cut into tern and very cut parsley. A few minutes later, mix in the rice and season with salt and keep warm. The chicken pieces are baked in a saucepan, the wine is poured on and under low frying for 30 minutes. Until the chicken meat is tender.

Pour the batter on a hot dish, over the chicken pieces, pour the cloud over and dish the dish with tomato slices and parsley. Fine dish with green salad.

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