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Marinated neck rose

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Marinated neck rose

1cloveCrushed garlic per litre of water
1Neck rose without lard and rind

Instructions for Marinated neck rose

To prepare the Marinated neck rose recipe, please follow these instructions:

Water, Salt, spices and Garlic mix and Roast is layered in this ca. 1 dg. nothing happens in that it stands for a longer period of time as Stegens salt content will not be greater than the 5% the oven set at 140 to 150 Degrees Fry in the middle of the Oven on a rack over Baking pan, for temperature is 80-85 Degrees in the middle of the roast (use a thermometer) Stegens are packed in Aluminium foil and Rest 15-20 minutes before it cut out ½ Litre Water pour in Baking pan It boils away, add a little more. Gravy: Juices from Baking pan with flour touched evened out in the Milk, a little Suit and added småkoger min. 4 min. NB.: as cold Is very suitable for cold cuts.

Which spices are the following Spice mixtures suitable: "Texas Hot"-"Barbecue"-"Herb mix" and the like all from "Santa Maria.