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Maundy Thursday Bowl

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Maundy Thursday Bowl

1/2kgSalted pork
1/2kgSalted meat (svineryg, liver sausage, duck or goose)
100gOf the following magazines: leek, parsley, caraway, sorrel, dandelion, stinging nettle, Gable (aegopodium podagraria)
100gWhite cabbage
125gFine barley groats
2 1/2lWater (or so it covers the meat)
400gKale (stick)

Instructions for Maundy Thursday Bowl

To prepare the Maundy Thursday Bowl recipe, please follow these instructions:

Flask and the meat is poured with water to cover the meat, boil and froth.

When the meat is tender, pick it up in a deep dish and pack it in to keep it warm. The soup is sown and boiled.

A large stick of green cabbage is ribbed and rinsed. Chopped well with the cabbage and the other green leaves. Get in with the building rifles. If the cauliflower is not even enough, a slurry of barley flour is poured into a little water.

Potatoes are boiled as potatoes in another pot and eaten. The green cabbage is eaten with pork and meat. Represents both for and after.

The recipe here is from Brahetrolleborg. The green leaves can vary depending on the location, and it is about being inventive in the early springtime.

In Flødstrup you use: "green cabbage, cabbage, red cabbage, gingerbread, parsley, leaves from onions, rye, wheat, grass". You can also use gooseberries, thyme and chives. In Nordfyn, the green cabbage is ground with oatmeal. When you eat green cabbage in this way, Mother's Day, you avoid getting cold (a kind of malaria). Of course, the green cabbage can be made on fresh meat. Then salt is added.