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Mexican pot 1

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Mexican pot 1

A little salt
0.5Alm. Onion which is stuck 4 whole cloves
1Bay leaf
1.5dlWhite wine
10Green stuffed olives
3Red Peppers
3dlDried white beans
6Peeled tomatoes

Instructions for Mexican pot 1

To prepare the Mexican pot 1 recipe, please follow these instructions:

The dried white beans are soaked in cold water for one night, and the beans are placed in a pot of fresh water, approx. 1 liter, as well as oil, bay leaf, garlic, onions with cloves. Boil without lid for approx. 1 hour. Take a few beans and notice if they are tender.

The chicken is cut into 8 pieces, browned in the hot oil and picked up. The onions are peeled, cut into orange-colored pieces and brown in the oil. Put the chicken pieces back into the pan and pour broth, wine salt and bay leaves. Smoke under the lid for 10-15 min. The peppers are cut into strips, without kernels, the tomatoes in smaller pieces are added and the "pot" boils for 10-15 minutes. The white beans are mixed together with olives in slices, everything is heated and tasted.