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Minced beef with lid

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Minced beef with lid

1Finely chopped onion
1Pepper fruit
1canTomato puree
4Sheets puff pastry
500gMinced beef

Instructions for Minced beef with lid

To prepare the Minced beef with lid recipe, please follow these instructions:

Sauté the minced beef along with the finely chopped onion, add the finely chopped bell peppers and tomato puree '.
season with salt, pepper and oregano and pour broth by. Let kødsovsen tingle about 10 minutes, let it get cold.
2 sheets puff pastry roll out and line a pie dish with them. did the cold kødblanding URi.rul 2 sheets puff pastry out and put them over as a lid. make some holes in the lid with a URgaffel.lad pie stand cold a few timmer, before the bake. brush with egg and bake the tart ca. 35 minutes at 200 degrees.

can be served with salad and French bread.