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Modern stew - pork tenderloin and tomato

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2

Ingredients for Modern stew - pork tenderloin and tomato

0.5tspCurry madras or alm Curry
1canALM chopped tomatoes
1Hill brown/white mushroom
1Bouillon cube
1canDiced tomatoes with garlic
1Handful fresh basilikums leaves
1tspHvidsløgssalt (can be replaced with 1 tsp. salt and a little crushed garlic clove)
1Rendered pork/beef tenderloin
1Large onion
1tbspTomato ketchup
1.5tspSugar (1 sugar cube)
10Cocktail tomatoes
2.5tbspMild salsa
2-4tbspOil for frying
5Black peppercorns

Instructions for Modern stew - pork tenderloin and tomato

To prepare the Modern stew - pork tenderloin and tomato recipe, please follow these instructions:

1. First order the vegetables
The tomatoes are cut in quarters and the core housing is removed.
The loop is cut into both (each half cut into four pieces)
The mushrooms are cut into quarters when the base is cut by the stem.
The basil leaves are rinsed and added to draining.

2. Cut and polish the black bread.
Cut the tendons and greens of the tenderloin with a very sharp meat knife, then cut it into 1 cm slices and cut the slices over the middle.

3. All the processed is switched
First, turn the onions shiny in very hot oil when ready, pour them into a saucepan. The mushrooms are also welded with high heat, they must not be completely softened so the water has not yet come off and they get light brown stews and to the onion to the onions. Then turn the quartz tomatoes so the skins are just about to drop and the tomato meat becomes soft, into the pan with them.
On the forehead where all the vegetables have been swirled, the sirloin pieces are lightning for 1 minute, so they are not cooked just browned all over the place. Up in the pan for the vegetables.

4. Combination
Now we have onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and meat in the pot. Add both cans of tomato and stir briefly while the flare is on medium heat. Then add all remaining ingredients, including basil leaves (drained).

The right small smash for a minimum of ½ hour.

Wild rice and a coarse flute are sublime accessories, as well as a cool glass of red wine. Note: It's up to one, even if the tenderloin is pork or beef.