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Moss on Meatbone

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 person(s)

Ingredients for Moss on Meatbone

Wheat flour
White wine vinegar
Pork broth
200gHaricots verts (green beans)
3Baking potatoes
500gPork Tenderloin (or more after hunger;-))

Instructions for Moss on Meatbone

To prepare the Moss on Meatbone recipe, please follow these instructions:

First, put the 3 baking potatoes in the boil as they are cooked to mash

The meat is cut to the steaks and hams, then they are cooked on the forehead until they are well golden brown on both sides.

Then put them in a dish, after which the bulbs are cut into thin slices and wiped on the forehead to be worn, soft and core brown. Once they've got what you think they should have, they pour over the steaks in the dish.

Then cut the mushrooms into small pieces and sprinkle over the meat.

Then the sauce is made. The butter is melted and the flour comes in. When it is stirred, milk is added, then it must be stirred and until it reaches a satisfying appearance, cream will come in and again stir until it reaches a satisfying appearance. Colors are not added too much as it should not be too dark. When it is touched, season it with salt and pepper to taste. When the sauce reaches the perfect taste, pour it over the meat in the dish.

The dish is then put in the oven at approx. 180-200 degrees, I do not control the time when I just took it out when everything else was done.

While the dish is in the oven it's time for the beans, they must be steamed and it can be easily done by placing a pot of potatoes and a lid above the pot. They must be steamed for approx. 20 minutes as a minimum.

When done, check the potatoes. Can they mose? So do it otherwise you wait.
Here it will be easiest to cut them later and then use a spelled blender where it is mixed with milk butter and maybe a spicy cream.

And when it has the right consistency and taste, take the meat out and voila the mash on the meat bottom.

Moss on meatballs has come from training me to cook and I have to learn how to cook, then the meat first and then in a spray bag with the bog and so carefully spray the mash on the meat so a good idea is that the bog is not for thin. :) In the dish with meat, cocktails and bacon can also be found :) WELCOME: D