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Muesli Anette Erfurth

Breakfast & brunch
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Muesli Anette Erfurth

optionalOther dried fruits
Cracked hazelnuts
Almonds in coarse pieces
Dried apricots
Dried apples
Dried banana slices
Dried cranberries
Dried pitted dates
1pkgOrganic Buckwheat flakes
1kgOrganic oatmeal
1pkgOrganic spelt flakes

Instructions for Muesli Anette Erfurth

To prepare the Muesli Anette Erfurth recipe, please follow these instructions:

All ingredients are mixed together (low, possibly a half or one-third portion of the hallway) in a large ceramic jar with lid, like from Kulshekar Art & Pottery in Bellinge.
Mix gently-beware of the smaller things not ' sinks to the bottom '.

Tastes great on top of Cheasy A-38 or organic junket URf.eks. from Grambogaard. Or try it with organic mini milk-also like from Grambogaard. Garnish with fresh fruit like URf.eks. Apples, pears or plums into pieces, strawberries or grapes. Drink copious amounts of tea. Can make it out for any meal!