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Mussel-bruchetta with pharma ham

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Mussel-bruchetta with pharma ham

Parsley butter
Grated fresh parmesan
0.25Spring cabbage
0.5slicePharma ham per bread
1Red onion
2Green mussels per bread

Instructions for Mussel-bruchetta with pharma ham

To prepare the Mussel-bruchetta with pharma ham recipe, please follow these instructions:

Red Onion chopped cabbage, cut into thin strips, garlic chopped.
All parts steamed in butter until tender. Pour in sight so that excess fluid is filtered off.

The breads cut into broad, oblique washers. Lubricated with parsley butter and steamed kålblanding out in a thin layer on the bread.
The mussels are cut into thin strips and added on.
Parmesan is added on in a thin layer, and pharma ham forms the "lid".
Can with advantage be pressed easily with a spoon, so the filling does not "overturning of"
by grilling.

Outdoor grill: Grilling on indirect heat for the bread takes color and pharma cleaner is easy crispy.
The same applies if you want to do it in the oven – approx. 225 ° c – but keep an eye on the loaves, so they do not become brankede.