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Nettle broth

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Nettle broth

optionalFlute and garlic butter
1Large finely chopped onion
150gYoung shoots or buds and leaves
2Bouillon cube

Instructions for Nettle broth

To prepare the Nettle broth recipe, please follow these instructions:

A little about the fire age soup
Soup of fire brigades can taste really delicious. Especially if the firemen are young new shots. Therefore, this soup is suitable for eating in spring. The first fire brigade shot is already in March and April. (The burners can also be used later - but it must be before they bloom. You only use the top with the top 3-4 leaf pairs).

As you know, firefighters burn something so damn if you touch them. The whole plant is covered with small hair - and it is the ones that burn on the skin. Protect yourself with gloves and long sleeves. If you are still burning, it helps to spread a little spit in the small place.

What to wear Gloves or plastic bags to put on your hands Basket or plastic bag for the burners

how to do it
Find a good place with burners. Put on gloves and sleeves well over your arms. Pick the new shoots and leaves and put them in the basket.

When you get home, rinse the burners and pills the small leaves of the stems. Cut the burners well. Shovel smoothly. Come if Also a small finely chopped garlic clove. Burn the broth with the finely chopped onions and sweeten it in the oil. Water and broth the dice poured over the mixture. The soup is boiled for approx. 10 minutes. You can serve the soup with flute and garlic butter.

Fire brigade soup tastes extra well in the woods. If you have to make it there, you must find a bonfire where you have to light fire - and bring a large black pot, a stew and bowl and spoon.

1-2 hours to collect fire brigades, cook soup and eat it.