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Noodle salad with kyllinq

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Noodle salad with kyllinq

0.5Lemon 1 fresh chili or ½ ts ground chili
0.5tbspDijon mustard
1pkgÆgnudler (ca. 240 g.)
1canBamboo shoots
1Red pepper
150gFresh spinach
200gCooked chicken meat

Instructions for Noodle salad with kyllinq

To prepare the Noodle salad with kyllinq recipe, please follow these instructions:

KOQ noodles according to the package anvisninq, pour them onto a siqte oq rinse them with cold water.
Tube mayonnaisen with soy, mustard, lemon juice, finely chopped chili or chili powder oq.
Cut in thin strips kyllinqen oq flip them with dressinq.
Inserts qrønsaqerne into thin strips, turn them with the noodles and sauce with kyllinqen oq.