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Nut patties

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Nut patties

Olive oil
Water as needed
1Chopped onion
2dlBoiled rough rice
200gRevede carrots
3tbspPeanut butter
4tbspWheat flour

Instructions for Nut patties

To prepare the Nut patties recipe, please follow these instructions:

Tørristes on a frying pan, nuts and chopped. The carrots and onion FRY in the oil until it has been Brown. Add the rice and FRY further for a few minutes while stirring. Nuts and beans whipped with a little water. Risblandingen, flour, salt and peanut butter is added and it whisked and mixed to it is more evenly. The dough is shaped into flat and large steaks and FRY in a skillet until they seem finished.

Serve with sauce after own taste.