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Oksegeg without bones (Old-fashioned)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Oksegeg without bones (Old-fashioned)

Red currant jelly
300gMeat per person like Chuck steak
3-4Bay leaves

Instructions for Oksegeg without bones (Old-fashioned)

To prepare the Oksegeg without bones (Old-fashioned) recipe, please follow these instructions:

The meat is browned in a saucepan on all sides, pouring water at half past the meat, the meat is small now about 1.5 - 2 hours until it is tender.

The meat may hold the pot "without fire" for about 30 minutes, so you can cook the vegetables right now.

Whole carrots are peeled and split lengthwise and cooked almost tenderly, the haricot's vertes are cooked at the same time.

When the meat is tender, sow the sauce of the steak slice, add a little rib, yellow and salt with salt and pepper.

Apply cooked white potatoes to the dish.

It is all served on a large dish, with pieces of meat on one side and the carrot bars and beans in the other, which may. Supplemented with Brussels sprouts.

This is how old-fashioned roast beef is served 20 years ago around the assembly houses, where there was a solid cookie with check on things.

If you are busy, the meat can be made in advance when the meat is cold cut into suitable pieces, the pieces of meat are slanted in a refractory dish with lid, and some of the frying pan is added to about 2 mm of the meat is covered, The sauce can also be made the day before, so only the vegetables are to be cooked.

When the meat is to be heated, put the refractory dish into a 225 degree hot oven for about 20 minutes, and all the pieces of meat are now heat-free, without dusting just to put on the dish.