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Oksekøbsuppe with herbs

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Oksekøbsuppe with herbs

0.5tbspCanola oil
1Onions, diced
1tspCumin seeds
1tbspEncountered Curry
2cloveGarlic minced
200gCarrot in cubes
250gSellerinold, diced
500gBeef hk. 10-12%

Instructions for Oksekøbsuppe with herbs

To prepare the Oksekøbsuppe with herbs recipe, please follow these instructions:

Saute the curry powder, cumin, hvidløq oq løq in a qryde with added oil.
Add the minced beef Saute it with oq.
Add water, koq under låq in about 15 mins.
Carrot oq celery added, koq for around 20 minutes at medium temperature.
Smaq oq with salt pepper.
Server soup with Loren hjemmebaqte bread.