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Omelette with parmasan and pancetta

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Omelette with parmasan and pancetta

Ground pepper
Butter for frying
2Handfuls of fresh herbs (basil, oregano and Dill URf.eks.)
3tbspFreshly grated parmasan
3tbspCold water
5-6Thinly sliced pancetta or Prosciutto di parma

Instructions for Omelette with parmasan and pancetta

To prepare the Omelette with parmasan and pancetta recipe, please follow these instructions:

Beat eggs and water together.

Chop the herbs and grate the cheese. Turn both parts in egg mixture, and season with pepper. Let it stand for 10 minutes.

Grate pancettaen on a hot pan. Let the just "crumble" in thin strips. Place them on paper towels, when golden brown.

Behind the two omelettes separately. come a little butter on the Pan and let it melt. Com half of egg mixture in, and fade the heat. Scratch all the time solidified mass away from yourself, for it is all letstivnet. Fold omeletten together, while it is still damp on the upper side, and vip it onto the plate. Behind the other in the same way.

Garnish with crispy pancetta. Eat them warm with a good bread and salad.

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