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Oven-seared sole

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Oven-seared sole

Lemon juice
A handful of mushroom
A handful of cherry tomatoes
optionalA splash of cream
a littleWhite wine
1bundleSpring onions

Instructions for Oven-seared sole

To prepare the Oven-seared sole recipe, please follow these instructions:

The sole rinse well (smooth cousin) and sprinkled with coarse salt.
Vegetables chop finely and Sauté lightly, after which they will be put into a buttered ovenproof dish and sprinkled with a little salt.

On top of the vegetables is placed the sole (including main, etc.) and the onto with lemon juice. Put a handful of half-cherry tomatoes around the sole. Cover the dish with tinfoil – put it in a hot oven for approximately 225 Gr.. 20-25 my.

Who can possibly. pour a splash of cream at the last 2-3 my sole. (can also be complemented with a wimp white wine).

If the sole filleted – halved frying time.

Tastes excellent with Ribbon pasta, but is also completely sovereign with new potatoes.