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Pancake roll with meatballs

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Pancake roll with meatballs

1canChopped tomatoes
1tbspWheat flour
150gGrated cheese
200gMinced for
200gMinced beef

Instructions for Pancake roll with meatballs

To prepare the Pancake roll with meatballs recipe, please follow these instructions:

Chop the loaf and chop it in a little butter. Bring the meat and brown it with the onions. Add the remaining ingredients and finally pour the flour over. Let it boil under cover for 15 minutes. And taste the right to. The pancake dough is whipped together, poured into a not too large pan with baking paper. Put the pancake in the middle of the oven approx. 25 min. At 225 degrees. Flip it out on a piece of foil and let it cool. Divide the meat over the pancake and roll it on the long side. Sprinkle cheese over and chop it approx. 10 min. In the oven at 225 degrees until the cheese is golden. Cut the pancake into slices and serve with salad.