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Pancakes 02

Desserts (warm)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Pancakes 02

0.5tspCardamom, ground
250gWheat flour
5dlWhole milk

Instructions for Pancakes 02

To prepare the Pancakes 02 recipe, please follow these instructions:

mix the ingredients in the same order as they appear in.

Pandekagedej has good by to rest half an hour before the pancakes baked so that the result will be best.

On a good Pan accepted a little oil or butter and pour batter on so it can cover the frying pan by tilting it in different directions. Pancake bake to the beginning to be light brown, it can't be black and so is the heat too high.

Turn the quick with a palette knife or maybe in the air if you dare!

Put the pancakes on top of each other and cover with staniol so they don't get cold. They can also lunes in the oven before they should be eaten.

Like to be served with ice cream and jams to or with a little nutella/chocolate sauce