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Pancakes with meat filling

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Pancakes with meat filling

Pandekagedej 12 15 PCs
300gWheat flour
300gWhite cabbage
4tbspSoy sauce
4.5dlWhole milk
6tbspParmesan cheese. Reef
600gBeef, chopped roughly 16% fat

Instructions for Pancakes with meat filling

To prepare the Pancakes with meat filling recipe, please follow these instructions:

Whip melted butter and other ingredients together into a non-thick, lump-free pancake cake. Let the dough rest for at least ½ hour in the refrigerator.

Stir the dough through and spat if necessary. With more fluid if the dough seems very thick.

Melt the grease to the baking. Pour a little of the melted fat on a hot pan. Pour a little dough on the pandeskaft. Turn the pan around so that the dough is spread over the entire pan. Bake the pancakes light brown on both sides. Let the pancakes cool.

Put finely chopped onions in the fat until the bulbs are clear and light golden. Add the chopped meat and stir until the meat has split. Add finely chopped cauliflower or bean sprouts, sliced ​​sliced ​​mushrooms, paprika or curry and soy sauce. Let it all spin a little. Add if necessary. Some water if the filling seems a little dry. Season with salt.

Allow the filling to cool a little. Distribute the filling on the pancakes. Fold the sides of the pancakes slightly in, then roll the pancakes together. Put them on the joint in a greased refractory dish.

Sprinkle grated cheese and sprinkle with melted butter. Place the oven oven on the top of the oven in the oven at 225 degrees C. Alm. Oven for 10-15 min.

Server pancakes in the dish if necessary. With tomato salad to.