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Pasta with bacon, ham and tomato

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Pasta with bacon, ham and tomato

Pepper from the grinder
a littleSugar
Dried herbs
1pkgBacon cubes
1canPeeled chopped tomatoes
1servingHomemade pasta or fresh pasta 400 gr.
1Small onions
1pkgHam cubes or strips
2-3Grated carrots
3rodsBlejsellerri in thin slices
3cloveGarlic to taste

Instructions for Pasta with bacon, ham and tomato

To prepare the Pasta with bacon, ham and tomato recipe, please follow these instructions:

Fry the bacon in a saucepan until it is Brown, take it out of the Pan, fry onions until clear, then add the tomato, blejsellerri and grated carrots and cook for approximately 8-10 my.
Season with herbs and spices.
Add the ham and cook up.
Cook the pasta to aldenté and then mix it in tomato sauce. Serve with the same, possibly. with bread for.

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