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Peanut butter-truffles

Desserts (patisserie)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 70 pcs

Ingredients for Peanut butter-truffles

125gLight chocolate
170gButter, must have room temperature
500gPeanutbutter, fine
500gTempeet dark chocolate

Instructions for Peanut butter-truffles

To prepare the Peanut butter-truffles recipe, please follow these instructions:

Put them light chocolate in a metal bowl and melt it slowly over the water bath.
Cooling room temperature
Peanut butter, sugar, salt blend in a food procession for 3 minutes, add the chocolate and blend until it is mixed thoroughly, add the soft butter and blend it again.
Pour the pulp into a bowl and cover with film and simmer it until the mass is stiffened (can hold a week in the refrigerator)
Form the mass of small balls with your hands then put on the fridge for one hour until they are completely solid.
Dip the balls into the chocolate and put them on baking paper
And put them in the fridge until the chocolate is solidified.
Sprinkle cocoa over the spheres and make sure they are all covered.

The balls may optionally be dipped in chocolate depending on the amount of chocolate.