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Pepper Nuts (Amo)

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 320 pcs

Ingredients for Pepper Nuts (Amo)

Grated shell of 2 lemons
1tspBaking powder
100gButter or margarine

Instructions for Pepper Nuts (Amo)

To prepare the Pepper Nuts (Amo) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Sifting and the other ingredients kneaded together into a uniform dough. The fat must not be softened but have its normal texture.

The dough is divided into 16 equal parts, which rolled out in sausages at ca. 35 cm's length. Each dejpĂžlse be divided into 20 equal pieces placed on greased sheets.

Bake on the middle oven at 220 degrees C Groove in about 8 minutes. The oven must have the right temperature from the start.

Can be stored for a long time in a tightly closed cake tin.