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Persillesovs de luxe

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Persillesovs de luxe

Any liquid calf or beef broth similar to 1 1/2 bouillon cube
A bit of blue cheese max 4 g
Herbes de provence
optionalA little stegesky from pork herring garfish or whatever you want to
1dlWheat flour
1Large handful parsley
2.5dlCooking cream

Instructions for Persillesovs de luxe

To prepare the Persillesovs de luxe recipe, please follow these instructions:

Make a simple font with 1 / 2l. Water, chopped, broth, carrot (only half cut) and herbes de Provence (1 teaspoon). Let it simmer 1 hour.

Make a white flour with the flour and the butter added to the fund and the cream ... (remember to say the fund for onion and other so it's a clear soup). There must be at least 3 dl fund, have it boiled too much, add water.

Then the blue cheese mustow, not more than 4 g. Cut the nutmeg on the fine shave, just a little 6-8 strokes, into the sauce and add the chopped parsley. If you have fried pork or fish .. Use a little of the steak After boiling, the sauce must rest for 10 minutes.

It does not look like an old-fashioned parsley sauce, more brownish. Remember salt and pepper.