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Phred tunmousse

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Phred tunmousse

a littleLemon juice
Cream fraice
Fresh chopped dill
a littleSweet mustard
1canTuna in water
2dlEasy whipped cream
2dlShredded iceberg lettuce
200gMiracle wrip
5Leaf gelatin

Instructions for Phred tunmousse

To prepare the Phred tunmousse recipe, please follow these instructions:

Water filtered from reaching and it all blended together, except husblasen.
Husblasen is dissolved in water and pour in.
Tuna mousse pour into a ring mold, and placed in the refrigerator 1-2 hours.

Garnish with shrimp and tomato boats.