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Pirogger (crescent crumbs)

Lunch (to go)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Pirogger (crescent crumbs)

Equal parts water and eggs beaten
200gWhole wheat flour/wholemeal wheat flour
400gWheat flour

Instructions for Pirogger (crescent crumbs)

To prepare the Pirogger (crescent crumbs) recipe, please follow these instructions:

Lean the milk, stir the yeast in it. Mix with sugar, salt and flour. When mixed, the oil will arrive. Spread 5-8 min. Like on machine. Let set raise about 30 min to about double size. Beat the dough and let it rest for 2 minutes, then roll out the dough (make sure it does not get too thick) again let it rest a little. Find something about 10-12 cm in diameter and plug out. Brush with ointment around the edge. Put half pasted, fold over and dip a fork in the ointment and close it around the edge.
Repeat for about 15 minutes, brush and dot hole in the top with a fork.
10-15 min v.200 degrees

Filling can be anything. But make sure it does not get too flowing. Meat with garlic and squas Salmon with spinach and feta Ham with pork and cream cheese Chicken with scrambled eggs and bacon. Only imagination sets limits.