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Pizzasnegle 10

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 0

Ingredients for Pizzasnegle 10

12dlWheat flour

Instructions for Pizzasnegle 10

To prepare the Pizzasnegle 10 recipe, please follow these instructions:

1: warm water and oil for fingers.

2: Put the yeast in a stir bowl. Stir out the yeast with a little of the liquid.

3: Add the rest of the liquid, salt and flour

4: Stir the dough smoothly. Let it rise covered 30 min a loose place without drag.

5: Pour the dough into a mashed table. Roll it out into a rectangular plate.

6: Cut the smoked ham into strips.

7: butter the chilli sauce on the dough. Favor ham and cheese over. Spice with oregano.

8: Roll the dough together to a roll cut it into 16 pieces.

9: Place the dough piece with the cut surface on top of a plate coated with baking pan. Let them raise about 30 min. Set the oven to 225.

10: behind the pizza nuts in the middle of the oven approx. 8 min. Let them swell on the grate.

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