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Pomelo salad with prawns; Yum Like O ....

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Pomelo salad with prawns; Yum Like O ....

optionalDesiccated coconut
Large shrimp with tail; approximately 300 g or more if in love with shrimp or less if you are not so wild with them .... thawed!
1Håndful fresh cilantro
1tspCoconut oil to fry in
1tbspRisvins vinegar
1Red onion
1tbspCane sugar

Instructions for Pomelo salad with prawns; Yum Like O ....

To prepare the Pomelo salad with prawns; Yum Like O .... recipe, please follow these instructions:

If you want to have guests and they are not too formal I suggest you put one of them to the pomelo, because not only will it be pilled, but the salad tastes best if the meat is completely loose and it takes ten minutes at least. ... So the guest helps to pick the pomelo!

In the meanwhile, chop onion and chilli and lightly chop on a medium-sized pan in coconut oil, add the prawns and let the ladder in MAX 2 min each side ... shrimp be cool if they get too much and they should rather be raw than overdone! -It's not about 2 minutes but just saying;) Take the shrimp off if you want to decorate the salad like this; It looks nicest but you decide entirely.
Mix rice vinegar, lime and sugar and stir the sugar together, mix with pomelo, onions and chilli (and possibly coconut flour) and serve the prawns upstairs!

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