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Potato-Eggplant gratin

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 5

Ingredients for Potato-Eggplant gratin

0.5Lemon, thereof
1bundleParsley, fresh
100gFeta. 50 +
1000gLamb, minced
1200gBaking potatoes
2tbspOregano, fresh

Instructions for Potato-Eggplant gratin

To prepare the Potato-Eggplant gratin recipe, please follow these instructions:

The potatoes cut into thin slices (1 mm) Onions chopped fine. Potatoes, onions, pressed garlic and finely chopped oregano reversed in a bowl with oil, salt and pepper. Put in a greased casserole dish inserted into the oven 45 minutes at 180 degrees c. alm. oven.

Eggplants cut into slices approximately 1 mm. Turned over with oil and crumbled feta, to be laid over the potatoes, put the dish in the oven for additional 45 minutes at 180 degrees c. alm. oven.

Meatballs: the garlic is squeezed and the herbs are chopped fine, lemon rind grated fine. Forcemeat kneaded well and resting a ½ hour.

Forcemeat is shaped into small meatballs sitting on pan in olive oil. FRY about 2 minutes on each side. Turn down the heat, and fry the meatballs finished, about 4 minutes more on each side.

Serving: Server gratinen with Greek meatballs tatiki and possibly. a little oil from the meatballs. Sprinkle with fresh chopped oregano