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Potting hair in cream sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Potting hair in cream sauce

1kgHare, skinned
1large tbspBlack currants or red currant jelly
2dlCoffee cream
2tbspEasy mashing danablu (Roquefort cheese)
2-3tbspWheat flour

Instructions for Potting hair in cream sauce

To prepare the Potting hair in cream sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

Herbal parties mentioned in the previous recipe, and the pieces are baked in butter on a pan or in a saucepan, seasoned with salt and pepper and small stews with a little of the broth under the hood for 1-1½ hours. During the frying, add a little more broth and turn the meat over and over again. When the meat is tender, it is taken up and the cloud may. Poured and poured into the pan with cream, salt, pepper, soy and mashed danablu, the sauce is leveled and spiced with yellow. Slightly pour the sauce over the hair, the rest is given with potatoes.