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Princess Cake

Desserts (patisserie)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Princess Cake

optionalIcing sugar
Green food coloring
0.5tspBaking soda
1Vanilla pod
3Egg yolks
3.5dlWhipped cream
4Leaf gelatin
50gWheat flour
50gPotato flour

Instructions for Princess Cake

To prepare the Princess Cake recipe, please follow these instructions:

Whip egg and sugar thick and foaming. Mix the two kinds of flour and baking soda and gently turn it in. Distribute the dough into 2 greased baked cakes, approx. 23 cm in diameter. Behind the bottoms 6-8 min. At 225 degrees. Turn them out on a grill to cool.

Soaked house blossom in cold water. Whip egg yolks and flourish well. Cut the vanilla and scrape the corn into the egg yolks. Knock the house block free of water and melt it over a water bath or in a microwave. Let it be hand warm. Stir it in a thin beam of egg yolks. Whip the cream of foam and gently turn it into the egg mixture as it begins to thicken. Mix the sliced ​​chopped almonds in.

Dress a bowl of plastic film. Put one layer of cake in the bowl. Bring the cream on and cover the other bottom. Put the cake cold 1-2 hours. Turn the curved cake onto a serving dish. Eel the marcipan together with green fruit color and possibly. powdered sugar. Roll the marcipan out between plastic film. Cover the cake with marcipan and sift the flour on it. Ornaments. With marcipan flowers and marcipan leaves.