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Quail with goose liver

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Quail with goose liver

optional5 dl whipping cream and corn flour
Port wine armagnac or calvados sherry

Instructions for Quail with goose liver

To prepare the Quail with goose liver recipe, please follow these instructions:

Quail slowly in butter, saucepan or similar. Step after the chest, that must be pink. When finished, the thighs and back are removed. This is returned to the saucepan, where it sits quietly for approx. 10 min. Now you can either add whipped cream or water. With whipping cream it smooths itself. If water is added, smooth with corn oil. Now you can add port wine, armagnac, sherry or calvados.

Accessories A cruton of walnut bread is shaken in butter. Then put a slice of goose liver and the roasted roast breast. The sternum should be on.