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Råmarinerede vegetables

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Råmarinerede vegetables

0.5dlWhite wine vinegar
1cupCheasy 13% diced salad-feta cheese
1tbspDijon mustard
1Handful fresh (not frozen) green beans
1Handful of halved walnuts
1Raw Pearl onions
1Red bell pepper
1.5dlCanola oil
10Baby corn
10Cherry tomatoes
2stemsLeaf celery
20Pitted green olives

Instructions for Råmarinerede vegetables

To prepare the Råmarinerede vegetables recipe, please follow these instructions:

Wash the vegetables. Remove pepper frøstol and share the fruit of 1 ½ cm2 pieces. Share each baby corn into 3 pieces. Peel Pearl onions. Broccoliens flower picking in small florets. Share the stem in 1 cm3 pieces. Part leaves selleriens stem in ½ cm thick slices.

Stir the marinade together and season to taste with sugar. Mix the vegetables in (no nuts) and turn them carefully in the marinade. Style it cool and turn the vegetables often.

Serving: turn the feta cubes and walnuts in. Served in room temperature and without the marinade in the bottom of the bowl. Suitable for all fried foods.

If it gets too fat, olive can be omitted.