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Røllikesnaps - Røllike snaps

Drinks (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Røllikesnaps - Røllike snaps


Instructions for Røllikesnaps - Røllike snaps

To prepare the Røllikesnaps - Røllike snaps recipe, please follow these instructions:

Rølliken is very common and blooms July-September. Only use the newly-discovered flowers a few weeks after they have sprung out. The flowers dry for approx. 5 days. Approximately 1 deciliter should be used for a bottle of spirits. The tire time is approx. 2-3 days. Can be drunk fresh and have a delicious and sweet honey cake. The cream can be conveniently stored (about 14 days) and produces a strong, bitter taste.

Common Røllike - Soldierurt - Leafy's Peach:
Perennial plant, approx. 15-60 cm tall plant with very finely divided leaves and a close hemisphere of fairly small curves with white (rarely pink) edgy flowers and yellow slices of flowers.