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Rice a la man without milk

Desserts (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 16

Ingredients for Rice a la man without milk

Chopped almonds number according to taste
Sweetener to taste, if desired sugar
2lAlmond milk
250mlNatural ´ li soya cream
3tbspVanilla aroma
300mlRispiskefløde (soyatoo)
300mlSoy sauce whipping cream (soyatoo)
4.5dlPAMA, round grain milled

Instructions for Rice a la man without milk

To prepare the Rice a la man without milk recipe, please follow these instructions:

The rice cream is boiled on the first day, following a recipe for the rice pack, but added a little salt to emphasize the almond's milk in the almond milk, which is used instead of almond milk.

Standing for the next day.
Rice cream and soya flask are whipped together for about 3 minutes for light liquid foam.
Sliced ​​and chopped almonds (desired amount) add the cold porridge with vanilla and foam. Spread with any sweetener possibly more vanilla.

Can be eaten by anyone with allergies to vanilla and milk as well as diabetics

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