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Rice pudding in Hay box

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6

Ingredients for Rice pudding in Hay box

20dlWhole milk
4dl, round grain milled

Instructions for Rice pudding in Hay box

To prepare the Rice pudding in Hay box recipe, please follow these instructions:

How to avoid that the rice porridge burner on.

Pour the milk and rice in an oven-proof Pan (a non-plastic) plugs into the boil for full heat, when the simmer, a baking lid on (a non-plastic) and put the Pan in the oven at 70 gr for 2 hours. Take the pan out occasionally and stir well, let it not be out for long, however, since "hay box effect" so destroyed. Then give the porridge a rehash on cooktop, for the right consistency is achieved, season with salt and sugar.

Can be made in bed with down comforters. It is important that it is good thick duvets, fibre duvets are not so good. Pot with lid are packed well into duvets and possibly. a woolen blanket, after a rehash on the stove and left in bed "snuggle" in 2 1/2 hour. Boil then to right consistency on the stove and season. Serve with cinnamon/sugar and butter BLOB or be turned into rice a la mande.